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This is my online fashion sourcebook for GS 613 @ Academy of Art University.

Posts for June 2009

Six Social Functions of Dress

By Sata Schramm · June 26, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Environmental Protection

photo courtesy outdoors.mainetoday.com


Environmental protection marks humans' adaptation to our climate.  Climbers on the famously forbidding Mt. Everest must wear special gear to protect themselves from the cold and the high altitude.


photo courtesy webpages.charter.net

Decoration represents differences between groups.  Here a Maori man displays a moko, or full-face tattoo.

Gender Differentiation

Gender Differentiation is an increasingly subjective area of dress that is rooted in notions of sex separation.  In this GAP ad, Claire Danes wears former boyfriend Patrick Wilson’s chinos.

Group Membership

photo courtesy footballpictures.net

Group Membership signals unification of a group of people.  Here, fans of the top-ranked Spanish national football team sport similar colors and styles of dress.


photo courtesy of Two Truths on flickr circa 2008.

Ceremonialism is the social function that marks the importance of an event.  Here two Japanese women wear traditional kimono during a tea ceremony.  

Sexual Enhancement

Victoria's Secret dream angels demi bra, Summer 2009.

Sexual Enhancement stems from cultural notions of desirability.  While brassieres are purely functional, it doesn't stop them from being the most popular symbol of sexuality in American culture.  


By Sata Schramm · June 20, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Marella Agnelli, 1953.  Photograph by Richard Avedon.